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WBBSC 200 Yard Prone Rifle Match

- This is a year round monthly match, except for taking a break in November for the Sight In weekends.
This is a casual “Just For Fun” rifle shoot that is run with a rifle match cadence. The whole intention is to have fun. A responsible adult must accompany minors.  Any Rifle-Any Sight, 22 Rounds Fired In 20 Minutes Timed, Best Of 20 Rounds For Score. Best possible score is 200-20X.  $5 per gun entry fee WBBSC Members & non-members. First relay begins at 9AM

Basic gear for this match: Your rifle, 22 rounds of ammo, earplugs or muffs, eye protection, a shooting mat (anything to lay your belly on), empty chamber flag (a spotting scope).  Class 1: Prone Unsupported or Any Sling.    Class 2: Prone Supported,  Front Rest, Bi-Pod, Sand Bag, Rear Sandbag, Any Rest or combination.  Any number and type of objects may be placed beneath each rest to compensate for variations in the height of slope of the firing point or to reduce its rolling. Shooters may use a form of table or platform to enable them to compensate for their physical limitations if you have difficulty with the prone position.

The match will be shot from the “prone” position (laying on your belly). You may shoot any rifle with any sight. The distance to the target is 200 yards.  See the Targets Link page. Sporter Rifles with optical sights will use the IBS600 target that has a 1/2MOA "X" ring 1 MOA 10 ring. Target Rifles shoot NBRSA-2 or IBS200HR Target, 1/16 MOA X Ring, ˝ MOA 10 Ring, 1MOA 9 Ring. The target for iron , or, open sighted rifles will be the NRA MR-52, a reduction of the MR-1 target to simulate the 600-yard Slow Fire stage of the National Match Course at 200yards. Aiming Black (inches) Rings in White (inches): X ring 1.79", 10 ring 3.79", 9 ring 5.79", 8 ring 7.79",  7 ring 11.79", 6 ring 15.79",  5 ring 19.79".


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