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WBBSC 50 Yard Rimfire Benchrest

This is a casual “Just For Fune” rifle shoot that is run with a rifle match cadence. The whole intention is to have fun. A responsible adult must accompany minors. $5 per gun entry fee WBBSC Members and Non-Members. There will be multiple relays starting at 8AM and going till around noon or when all shooters are done.

The course of fire is 25 rounds (plus unlimited sighters) in 25 minutes. Target is the International Bench Rest Shooters Target, IBS 50 Yard Target, which is pictured on the target links page. Firing one round into each bull's-eye at 50 meters. Any bull's-eyes with two hits will score the lower of the two scores. Best possible score is 250-25X

Any rimfire rifle is accepted for this event and any power scope is also accepted. Any front and rear rest is also accepted (no one-piece rests or sleds).


Click Here To See Targets Used


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