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WBBSC 100 Yard Smallbore (rimfire) Prone F-Class Match

This match follows the NRA Smallbore F-Class Match format.
The target will be the
NRA A-33 fired at 100 yards. We will fire 10 rounds per scoring bull with unlimited sighters on the sighting bulls in a total time of 20 minutes. We will then change targets and fire again. This will work out to a possbile score of 400-40X for a clean target.

Wind flags will be provided, as personal wind flags are not allowed.
We will have 2 classes, F-Open and F-TR.
Cost of the match will be $5 per gun, or $15 per gun for those who wish for their scores to be submitted to the NRA for Classification.
Any comments or questions please contact Ted Loehrke via the following (920) 583-5625 or


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WBBSC 100 Yard Smallbore Prone F-Class Match