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A message from WBBSC Membership Admin. Rob K:

"Hello WBBSC Members, just a reminder for everyone to send in their membership renewals, the envelope must be postmarked by December 31.  If you have not filled out your renewal paperwork, please complete the entire form. We are trying to update every member's records and your signature at the bottom of the page is required. In addition to updating your personal information, please remember that if you are putting in service hours at the club grounds to reduce the cost of your membership, you MUST write down your hours. I am running into issues where existing members are not writing their hours worked into the books at the clubhouse and then trying to renew their membership at the reduced rate.  It is YOUR responsibility to write down your hours, do not expect anyone to do so for you.  Existing members with less than 24 hours worked will be charged $100 without exception.  (New members will be subject to the $100 renewal + minimum wage x 24 hours - any hours worked) Any questions, or concerns, can be submitted to me (262) 370-8662,  by email: Rob K.

WBBSC mail address: WBBSC PO Box 352, West Bend, WI 53095

For Working Membership renewals, language from the WBBSC BYLAWS document, Article VIII, Section 4: "Working Membership (renewing members only) Work hours applied towards dues reduction must be accumulated prior to November 30 in the previous year to be credited to the member for the upcoming year.

Considering WBBSC Membership? Here's how. Two important tasks you need to do.

 The "New Member Application Form" is available at the WBBSC Clubhouse. Get together with your WBBSC sponsor to pick-up your form at the clubhouse.

#1: Become acquainted with a current WBBSC member in good standing who will Sponsor you. If you know a current WBBSC member you are good to go. If not please visit the WBBSC club grounds during events that are listed on the Calendar or otherwise posted on this site and introduce yourself stating you are interested in membership. Also attend a monthly WBBSC member meeting, 3rd Monday at 7pm at the clubhouse. See the "Road Map" link for graphic directions to the WBBSC Grounds.  Come a bit early and introduce yourself. You will need your Sponsors name and signature on your WBBSC New Member Application. Request that your sponsor introduce you to a WBBSC Board member that will perform the New Member Orientation.

#2: Orientation to the WBBSC facilities by a Board Member. This activity is where you, with your completed WBBSC New Member Application that has your sponsors name and signature completed, physically walk the WBBSC grounds with the Board member. You will be introduced to the range facilities and coached regarding the rules associated with proper use of the WBBSC facilities. The Board Member will provide his/her name and signature on your WBBSC New Member Application. Be sure that this happens.

Having completed the above your WBBSC New Member Application is complete and ready to submit for membership. See the FAQ below for the Annual dues cost, and the address to mail your application to.

Please Note: Before submitting your New Membership Form either by mail you must have your sponsors signature AND you must have been oriented by a Club Board Member AND have their signature completed on the form. Not having this completed will delay your new member acceptance process.

Below are some frequently asked questions & answers regarding new membership for the West Bend Barton Sportsman's Club.

Q: Who should I contact for detailed new membership information?

A: Attend a WBBSC membership meeting. Third Monday monthly at the clubhouse, 7pm. Contact Rob Kubowski  (262) 370-8662

Q: How much are annual dues?

A: As of August 2013, all new memberships are $100 base dues, plus $174 working fee. New memberships are working members, requiring 24 hours work time. Upon completion of the 24 hours work, the $174 fee is adjusted. You will pay $274 along with your New Member application.

Q: Do I need a sponsor to join the WBBSC?

A: Yes, a member in good standing that has a minimum of two years membership can sponsor you.

Q: Where can I get a sponsor and/or Membership Application form?

A: At the WBBSC Clubhouse.

Q: Who do I submit the Membership Application form to?

A: Mail completed form including full payment of dues and initiation fee, personal check or USPS Money Order to:

WBBSC, P.O. Box 352, West Bend, WI 53095

Q: How long does the new membership process take?

A: Two calendar months. The process begins with submitting a completed Membership Application, Agreement, And Liability Release form including payment of initiation fee and one year (or portion of year, see above) dues.  At the following monthly membership meeting your name will be read into the minutes that you have applied for membership and completed orientation. At the next months membership meeting you will be voted yes/no for acceptance to the WBBSC. If accepted pending a background check, a membership card will be mailed to you along with WBBSC grounds access information. Welcome to our club!

Please consider contributing your valuable skills and time to participate in working for your club. Members are always welcome to help with grounds maintenance, league activities, sight in clinics, and other WBBSC activities. In general every Saturday morning weather permitting a group of members are busy on our grounds working. Come and join them!