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The following are the "West Bend Barton Sportsman's Club" Trap League Rules and League Guidelines. Please be mindful that WBBSC stresses "Safety First & Foremost". Firearm Safety Is Not An Option.

1.  SAFETY - all guns must have the action opened and contain no live shell or empty shell at any time, except while the shooter is on the firing line at a firing position. All persons must wear eye and hearing protection while on the trap field.


2.  Only shooters and marker/scorers are allowed on the trap field while teams are shooting league. All spectators are to quietly remain a safe distance behind the trap field. Team captains are to ensure their spectators behave in a safe and non-disruptive manner.


3.  No shooter will be allowed on the trap line while under the influence. No alcohol is allowed on the trap field at anytime. This includes the practice traps.


4.  Any unsafe actions or misconduct will not be tolerated. Any shooter disrupting the harmony of the shoot will be removed from the trap line and/or that shooters score will be forfeited. Any person who disrupts the harmony of the league is subject to disciplinary action by the club. Any person abusing or negligently using the clubs property shall be liable for any damages that occur.


5.  The League will run for sixteen (16) weeks. A six (6)-person line will be shot with the five (5) high scratch scores counting. League will be divided into divisions depending on the number of teams registered.

Divisions will be based on last years averages for returning shooters, or scratch scores during the first three weeks of league  shooting for new shooters. The Club will supply the marker/scorers.


6.  An entry fee per team must be paid before shooting on the third week of league. Failure to comply, will result in a team's scores being forfeited for the first three weeks.


7.  Each team may have up to nine (9) shooters on their respective rosters. Each team's captain must fill out the roster, and be completed by the third night of league shooting.


8.  Team captains are responsible for checking and completing their score sheets prior to shooting each

night. Each score sheet must have team name, team number, and the week each shooter is

shooting, also every shooter's first and last name as it appears on the roster. Nicknames and first

names only will not be counted. Names that cannot be read will not be entered, so please print legibly.


9.  All league shooting will be done on a league-scheduled day. Shooting ahead will be allowed, with no more that two (2) shoot ahead scores, plus the week in which you are shooting. No makeup scores after the first three (3) weeks of shooting.


10.  Teams will be squaded on a first come first served basis.


11.  A team must be on the line, ready to shoot within five (5) minutes of being called. Any team that is late, or waiting for a shooter or shooters will be re-squaded at the bottom of the list of teams signed up to shoot.  It is the shooter's responsibility to insure his/her call is loud enough to activate the voice release.


12.  Any team shooting more than six (6) scores will have their highest score of all scores forfeited for each week that more than six (6) scores are shot. All teams must have at least five (5) shooters, as there will be no blinds allowed for not having enough shooters.


13.  Only two (2) failure to fire for any reason will be allowed for each (25)-target event. All subsequent failures will be scored as lost targets.


14.  In the event of trap equipment failure, the team shooting will be re-squaded on the next available trap. If the problem is severe; the Team Captain should stop shooting and seek assistance from the Trap Counter.


15. It is the shooter's responsibility to check his/her own score before leaving the trap field. Any disputes should be resolved immediately before changing stations, when there is a disputed target the marker/scorers decision is final. All scores are final when turned in. Any score sheet coming in with a target marked both lost and dead will be scored as a lost target unless the word dead or lost is written next to each so marked target.


16. ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Assoc.) Rules will apply for anything not covered. The team captains present for that division will resolve special situations arising that are not covered by these rules.


17. Any error in recording/computation of scores will be corrected by 9:30pm the following league night. After that time scores will stand as recorded.


18. Shooter classification will be determined by the following:

 A. Returning shooters will use last years average.  New shooters will use the first three (3) weeks of scratch scores to be classified, with the five (5) highest scores used for classification. Teams are then ranked by highest numerical order into their respective classes. Teams will be issued a Team number, which must be entered by the Team Captain on each week's score sheet. The first three (3) weeks scores will be on a win/loss basis. The wins and losses will be posted after the first three (3) of shooting. The remainder of the League season will use scratch scores, with all teams shooting head to head. Wins/losses will be posted each week; in the case of ties each team gets a 1/2 win.


B. Each team competes according to the shoot schedule posted in the clubhouse. Each team will compete against the teams in their class only.


C. In the interest of fairness, some teams may be given added handicap targets at the discretion of the Trap Director. Handicap targets would added or subtracted based on the classification of the first three weeks. Handicap would be figured on 50% basis. (Example Team A-l their high five (5) scores for three (3) weeks of classification are 342. Team A-6 high five (5) scores are 330 the difference is 12 divided by 3 equals 4, times 50% equals 2 thus the added handicap would be 2 for Team A-6.).

Any team that shoots a scratch score of 118 or higher will not be given their added handicap targets for that week.  AFTER THE (8TH) WEEK OF LEAGUE ALL HANDICAP SCORES WILL BE REVIEWED AND ADJUSTED IF NECESSARY.


D. Depending on the number of teams entered most Divisions will have six (6) teams each. Divisions with odd number of teams will have to shoot a blind, and will use their team's personal average, based on at least three (3) scores, using the top five (5) averages out of the six (6) shooters.



A. League High Gun (not eligible for division, ladies or team high gun)

B. Division High Gun (not eligible for ladies or team high gun)

C. Ladies League High Gun (not eligible for team high gun)

D. Team High Gun

E. 1st & 2nd place teams (per division - six (6) trophies per team)

F. Sponsor Trophy (1st & 2nd each division)


20. League and division high gun trophies will be based on total League targets broken. Team high gun trophies will be based on total League targets broken. Team high gun must have shot a minimum of 85% of the league.


          21. Only first place ties will be shot off unless all shooters or teams agree to something different. All remaining ties (second place etc.) will be decided by reverse handicapped team score. Shoot Offs will be by scratch scores, shot on adjacent traps at the same time. Shoot Offs will begin at 6:00 p.m. on trophy night.


22. Beer Birds are paid out for league shooting only, and not for practice.